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Safaron, Inc provides the following services:

1. Professional Software Services

Software engineering business process outsourcing - –Safaron offers an organized team of professional capable of following a defined engineering workflow to produce certain quality deliverables.
Custom Software development: end-to- end products, client projects, modules, components and more - –we deliver the results, the software and documentation.
Software Reengineering.
Software Testing.
Maintenance and Support.

2. IT Consulting:

Software management practices consulting.
Consulting in practical implementation of software engineering processes.

About, who are we image

Safaron Inc. provides professional IT service, IT Consultancy house. Safaron also offer custom software services, IT consulting, web development, maintenance.

About, Key Areas

Our Key areas of competence include but are not limited to the Government projects, Billing solution, E-Commences solution (B2B, B2C, web portals), Distributed software solution, System Reengineering and Web Design.

About, Performance

Safaron Inc is dedicated to deliver reliable software, and business functionality you expect. We understand the importance of functionality, security, robustness and performance, and we do our best utilizing industry proven development technologies and tools. Also, we recognize that effective management is the key ingredient of every successful project management practice and professional commutation techniques.
We perform all stages of software development process: from requirements definition, project analysis and p ning through software construction and user documentation to QA, training and maintenance.